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Welcome to, a community of Christians sharing their ideas about the relationship between faith and science. is your website – for Millennials by Millennials – where you can share your opinions, speak your mind, and express your voice. is an interactive space for you to gather the tools you need to affirm and defend your faith with scientific facts.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Trailer

Share the trailer with your pastor, youth leader, or parents, and encourage them to make this series available to your church, Bible studies, or home groups.

Now introducing Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, the new 12-episode DVD series created to empower Millennials—just like you—with solid scientific evidence that actually supports the Bible.

Have you ever wondered whether faith and science can coexist? Do you have doubts about what you’ve learned in school? How can you find answers to questions about controversial topics like evolution or dinosaurs? Do you want to know more about the evidence so you can explore and decide for yourself? Can science and faith reveal the same truth?

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